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With Modern Air Conditioners, you won't have to worry about those hot, humid summers or freezing winters. Finally, you can take control of the temperature in your home so that you have time to worry about the more important things. While providing professional installation and friendly service, we can help you achieve that without breaking the budget. Too easy!


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We support you in choosing your Modern Air Conditioner the whole way. From helping you work out the perfect air conditioning system for your home, providing professional installation or simply getting your Modern Air Conditioner delivered to your door in time - our service is Australia's First Choice. But don't take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say!


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Here are four main reasons why 1000's of Aussie families every month make Modern Air their First Choice:
+ Best Quality Products
+ Great Prices
+ Friendly Service
+ Professional Installation


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E-Ion Filter Technology

We asked our technicians to give you a great overview of the Modern Air e-Ion Air Purifying system. Another great reason to make Modern Air Conditioners your first choice

The Modern Air e-Ion Air Purifying system is a revolutionary mechanism which removes dust and harmful airborne bacteria and brings them back to the filter, with the use of a patrol sensor to thoroughly clean the air of harmful particles.

The mechanism works using two main functions, the patrol sensor and the active e-ion generator. The patrol sensor actively detects microscopic particles of dust and bacteria in the air of your room. Then a signal is sent to the e-ion generator which sends over 3 trillion negatively charged e-ion particles into the air which attach themselves to particles of dust and bacteria. Once the e-ions neutralize the airborne bacteria, they are effectively sucked back into the unit and filtered through the positively charged mega filter. All the dust and bacteria is then trapped in the unit filter system and the quality of air in the room is cleaned and refreshed.

The Modern Air e-Ion filter actively cleans more that 99% of air borne mould, viruses and bacteria*. The kinds of dirt detected by the Modern Air e-Ion Air Purifying system include cigar smoke, cooking smoke, sweat or body odours, garbage odours and pet odours. When the e-ion function is activated the patrol sensor constantly monitors dirt in a room 24 hours a day. This unique technology allows the sensor to be active even when your air conditioner is off, so once dirt is detected, the air purifying function is started to immediately clean the air in the room.

Currently, all Modern Air Inverters and all conventional Modern Air Conditioners include the patrol sensor and e-Ion filter. And at such great value, this is why Modern Air Conditioners are still Australia’s first choice in Air Conditioning.




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All our technicians are licensed and all our work is tested to be electrically safe and certified to be in accordance with current Australia Wiring Standards.

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